Close up shoot of an artisan working with leather in his laboratory.

The Production

Our products are manufactured in the heart of the Tuscan hills

The fine handbags of Winter & Co. are created in the midst of the idyllic Tuscany region of Italy, and with good reason: here, the locals place great value on responsible livestock breeding and take time to ensure that high standards of accuracy are met. The Italian partner companies of Winter & Co. only select the best leathers from the surrounding tanneries. Following an extensive refining process, this raw product is then transformed into supple yet durable calfskin for our high-quality business bags. The short local production cycles and our direct links with Tuscany also keep production costs at a low level – a benefit that we are more than happy to pass on to our customers by offering excellent value for money with our leather goods.

Quality begins with responsible leather processing

The Winter & Co. collections are made exclusively from fine Italian leather because of the excellent characteristics of this material. Both vegetable and Aniline-based tanning processes are used. All tanning processes are subject to stringent testing by a competent person and guarantee that the materials are free of toxins. The calfskin is then given a pebbled or saffiano finish in order to preserve a perfect balance of stiffness and suppleness to ensure the flexibility and resistance of all products from wallets to laptop bags.

Traditional craftsmanship for the modern world

The fine leather products from Winter & Co. are designed to be reliable companions for life. This begins with the careful selection of leathers, continues throughout the painstaking finishing process and culminates in the sewing workshop: under the trained eye of the skilled Tuscan craftsperson, no machine is the same. The needles are guided through the fine leather with the utmost precision by hand. With a great love of detail and always using a durable thread, the separate leather cuttings are then pieced together step by step to create our elegant business bags – a fusion of the Italian lust for life and the German love of order.

Meticulous quality control ensures perfection to the smallest detail

The manufacturing process of our leather accessories is accompanied at all times by a comprehensive quality control process. On one hand, this ensures we are in compliance with stringent EU regulations on leather processing. On the other hand, we also naturally make use of this process to test the quality of the calfskin so that it always meets the high standards of our label in terms of appearance and feel. This also applies to the final inspection of the finished business accessories – Winter & Co. only allows flawless products to be presented to its customers. After all, to achieve the perfect look in your business and private life, every detail counts.

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